20161127132535_img_0373When Fr. Darius at St Mary Mother of the Redemer put out the call for help for removing old kneelers from the Church, Council 1943 responded.





St Mary’s was in need of new kneelers in the church as many of the old ones were broken. When Fr. Darius presented the request for new kneelers to the finance council of the church he knew it would cost alot of money.


To help reduce the cost, Fr. Darius reached out to the Knights of Columbus to remove the old kneelers, saving the parish thousands of dollars.



The Knights removed over 190 kneelers in less than an hour and a half!




First Degree  Ralph Graham “I got a #3 bit here that will work on any stripped screw head”







20161127122008_img_0354                 20161127122026_img_0355




Recent transfer “Jersey” Joe Alu shows the 3 step method for removing a kneeler, then pauses to ask “How’s my hair?”






GK Paul Inguanti enjoys a unique perspective on the Church. “I won this cordless drill at last month’s Steak Night event. It works pretty good!”





First degree Chuck Gimbut attacks a kneeler head on.  “Hey, this keeps me out of trouble on weekends.”








4th degree Randy Regniere rests on a kneeler while removing its final bolt. “I’ve been using power tools for 5, maybe 6 minutes now, and they work pretty good!”