In Memorium

Shortly before his own Passion, Our Lord Jesus wept tears with Mary and Martha upon the death of Lazarus. In the midst of this sorrow, he told Martha: “I am the Resurrectionblessed_virgin_in_prayer_-_sassoferrato_-_jungfrun_i_bon and the Life: whoever believes in Me, though he should die, will come to life” (Jn 11:25-26). Jesus raised Lazarus from the tomb to teach us that death is not the end for those who believe, but rather a glorious beginning. Upon leaving this world, the faithfully departed begin their journey toward a heavenly dwelling place, prepared for them by Christ who rose from the dead (cf., Jn 14:4-3). The passing away of our earthly life, therefore, is a transition to a new life in which “every tear is wiped from our faces” (cf., Is 25:8) and sickness, pain and suffering are no more.

Every Knight of Columbus is entrusted to the care of Mary, the Mother of God. We carry the Rosary as the sign of our dedication to her and to her Son. Confident in her motherly love for us all, we entrust the souls of our departed brothers to her, that she may present each one to her Son.


Roger Panciera 12/02/2017
Thomas P Richards 10/31/2017
George W. Hamell, Jr. 08/26/2017
Patrick Williams 08/05/2017
Jim Buckley 03/12/2017
James Steele 10/28/2016
Thomas Cataldi 8/31/2016
William A Miner 5/7/2016
Marcelo T Ladia 3/26/2016
Arthur Callahan 3/25/2016
Edward J Murphy 3/19/2016
Joseph C Esposito 1/20/2016
Raymond Melancon 12/1/2015
James P Yacovino 11/15/2015
Andre E Noel 10/8/2015
Frederick J Jones 8/17/2015
George J Richards 8/14/2015
David H Padgett 6/21/2015
Arthur E Hornberger 2/2/2015
James R Brown 11/23/2014
William A Cardinal 7/19/2014
William P Conley 7/13/2014
Michael E Remington 6/19/2014
Robert A Rose 4/18/2014
Russell C Mc Laughlin 4/17/2014
John F Clabby 4/14/2014
Joseph V Joyce 7/23/2013
Joseph Mehalick 7/20/2012
Joseph A Evanski 6/27/2012
George W Carver 5/19/2012
John Saltis 3/29/2012
William L Smith 1/8/2012
Gene H Sutton 1/5/2012
Gene F Coombe 10/16/2011
Cesare R Bellandese 9/3/2011
Peadar O Toole 8/17/2011
Kenneth R Chung 8/6/2011
Daniel J Strunk 6/7/2011
Maurice A Trant 3/14/2011
Hugh F Holmes 12/24/2010
Anthony P Volinsky 10/6/2010
Salvatore Santaniello 6/7/2010
Albert R Paul 3/5/2010
William A Collins 2/27/2010
Joseph Correira 7/6/2009
Clifford J Sullivan 3/20/2009
James W Duerr 2/16/2009
Victor W Walter 12/21/2008
John Coyle Leonard 8/7/2008
Aleck S Nasiatka 5/18/2008
David R Stevens 2/10/2008
Thomas R Foley 2/4/2008
John A Burbine 1/30/2008
Augustus F Craig 10/18/2007
Bernard C Lamy 5/3/2007
David W Ballard 3/5/2007
Frank De Souza 8/29/2006
Edw A Colechia 4/19/2006
Christopher W Graham 1/20/2006
Salvatore J Aiello 3/21/2005
Richard J Gadoury 12/6/2004
Frank P Goncharow 11/19/2004
Thomas Mac Murray 11/19/2004
John V Gilmartin 9/18/2004
Richard J Scarnati 7/11/2004
George A Crouse 3/3/2004
Paul J Rabitaille 2/17/2004
Raymond E Dallman 7/29/2003
Graham G Herwerth 5/8/2003
Lawrence W Middleton 1/9/2003
William H Nevils 11/27/2002
Robert D Mac Gillis 8/26/2002
Gerard R Beaudoin 8/13/2002
Kenneth Galliher 5/5/2002
Joseph F Nasiatka 1/22/2002
James F Brennan 9/30/2001
William R Martinelli 7/10/2001
William J Loftus 7/3/2001
Michael J Fitzgerald 6/7/2001
Thomas R Corrigan 4/20/2001
Peter J Golden 2/10/2001
Adrian A Martin 2/3/2000
Carmel J Costanza 12/19/1999
Robert J Pia 8/2/1999
George A J Michaud 1/1/1999
Jerold P Girard 7/11/1998
Roger M Comtois 3/2/1998
William A Connolly 8/30/1997
Frank J Burdy 8/11/1997
Peter J Staluppi 12/25/1995
Frederick R Whittle 10/3/1995
Kenneth J Malloy 7/4/1995
Joseph F Woycik 1/1/1995
Joseph P Harris 12/1/1994
Clay H Cochran 8/1/1994
Robert E Duerr 8/1/1994
Robert A Jewell 2/1/1994
James J Malloy 1/15/1994
Francis H Miller 1/9/1994
Joseph A Stamm 11/23/1993
Walter P Volinsky 11/20/1993
Francis D Granger 11/1/1993
Zigmont S Szestowicki 11/1/1993
Stanley Lis 7/1/1993
John E Meyers 6/1/1993
Owen B Donahue 1/1/1992
John Whittle 1/1/1992
Francis Cunningham 9/1/1991
James A C Fusaro 5/14/1991
Robert J Mahoney 5/1/1991
Leo J Ravenelle 4/1/1991
James P Mc Kearin 10/1/1990
Alden R D Amico 6/14/1990
Charles E Stone 4/17/1990
Stephen J Hreschak 1/9/1990
Warren W Viau 1/1/1990
Edmund V Ellis 6/1/1989
Howard W Joyce 6/1/1989
William T Fitzgerald 4/1/1989
Paul E Plasse 1/1/1989
Frederick W Doyle 9/1/1988
William A Johnson 2/1/1988
Frank Congemi 9/1/1987
James F Donahue 8/1/1987
Arthur R Clifton 7/1/1987
Richard Wilson 7/1/1987
Emerson L Dunn 2/1/1987
Wilfred P Ellis 2/1/1987
Peter J Donahue 4/26/1986
Edward A Cook 5/1/1985
John L Sullivan 5/1/1985
Orazio S Capitelli 4/1/1985
Thomas Whittle 2/1/1985
William R Cleary 10/1/1984
Lucien E Brouilette 3/1/1984
Bernard Inderdohnen 1/1/1984
Donald R Le Clair 10/1/1983
Augustine C Lawrence 2/1/1983
Chas A Zuccardy 2/1/1983
Alexanderj Mcdonald 7/1/1982
Harvey R Paradis 3/1/1982
George E Blanchet 12/1/1981
Brendan J Millikin 8/1/1981
Luther E Cunningham 2/1/1981
Alexander Alaxoff 1/1/1981
Leopold Zeppieri 9/1/1980
William C Hagman 7/1/1980
Sylvester A Mcneill 6/1/1980
John E Donahue 5/1/1979
George T Howard 2/1/1978
Rudolph A Collins 1/1/1978
Douglas J Palmer 5/1/1977
Charles E Fitch 9/1/1976
Stephen F Godomsky 6/1/1976
Stanley B Williams 6/1/1976